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Chimpanzee | Kagoshima City's Hirakawa Zoo


The Animal Closest to Humans

One group living together of all ages, body types, and personalities. You can see them playing around, babies being loved and held by their mothers, monkeys getting irritated and fighting, and much more. They also have a habit of collecting leaves to make a bed for sleeping. All of this, along with other actions, expressions, and communication between each other can be observed with an affinity to humans. What can't be compared, though, is how they jump up and down the 10-meter-tall tower.


Monkeys of the World Zone

  • Koala


  • Masai Giraffe

    Masai Giraffe

  • White Tiger

    White Tiger

  • Red Panda

    Red Panda

  • Chimpanzee


  • Yakushima Macaque

    Yakushima Macaque

  • White-naped Crane

    White-naped Crane

  • Lidth’s Jay

    Lidth’s Jay

  • Asian Elephant

    Asian Elephant

  • Asian Small-clawed Otter

    Asian Small-clawed Otter