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Red Panda | Kagoshima City Hirakawa Zoological Park

Red Panda

Surprisingly Dexterous to Go with Their Cuteness

Park guests fall in love with the cute bodies and charming behavior of the red pandas. It may seem like they simply lounge at the top of the trees, but they are actually quite skilled at climbing up and down, as well as jumping from tree to tree. The secret to how they do it lies in the exceptional balance they can create with their tails and sharp claws. They can even naturally stand on 2 feet. Take notice of their abilities, which will surely go beyond your expectations.

  • Koala


  • Masai Giraffe

    Masai Giraffe

  • White Tiger

    White Tiger

  • Red Panda

    Red Panda

  • Chimpanzee


  • Yakushima Macaque

    Yakushima Macaque

  • White-naped Crane

    White-naped Crane

  • Lidth’s Jay

    Lidth’s Jay

  • Asian Elephant

    Asian Elephant

  • Asian Small-clawed Otter

    Asian Small-clawed Otter