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14. Bottling

In modern times, the matured shochu is bottled and shipped off, but in the past, the shochu produced at the distillery was sold by the liter from a large urn using a small wooden box known as a 'masu' to measure.

The shochu was then kept in gourds, bottles and special containers only found in Kuma known as 'gara' which could be heated directly on top of a trivet, and drunken from a small cup known as a 'choku'.


2. How shochu came to Japan

3. Is Kuma Shochu Japan's oldest brand of Shochu?

4. Shochu - loved by the samurai and working class alike

5. What is Kuma Shochu?

6. To Japan and the rest of the world

7. The traditional method of producing shochu

8. Washing and steaming the rice

9. Koji production

10. Producing the primary mash

11. Producing the secondary mash

12. Distillation

13. Storage