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7. The traditional method of producing shochu

Kuma Shochu has been produced in Japan for more than 400 years. The traditional methods of production have been passed on until today.

Here we will tell you the traditional brewing process used from the Meiji Period to the Taisho Period.

8. Washing and steaming the rice

The shochu production process starts with washing the rice.

Kuma Shochu uses rice from the Kuma Region, a region nurtured by the fertile land, the clear water flowing from the Kuma River and the dramatically fluctuating climate. First, the rice is throughly washed in a dishpan and left to soak in water for a certain period of time.

The rice, which has absorbed a lot of water, is transferred into a sieve to remove the excess water and then put inside a steaming vat.

steamed rice


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