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5. What is Kuma Shochu?

Kuma Shochu' is shochu made purely with rice and fermentation mash (moromi) made from groundwater from the Hitoyoshi/Kuma region that is distilled in a pot and bottled. After the Meiji Restoration, the Kuma Shochu culture came into its own as shochu made with rice became more easily available.

It is said that there was at least one shochu distillery for each village or town, and in 1884, the 'Kuma Region Brewers Association' (the precursor to the current 'Kuma Shochu Makers Association') was established.

There are currently 28 distilleries in operation.

The representative brands of the 28 distilleries


2. How shochu came to Japan

3. Is Kuma Shochu Japan's oldest brand of Shochu?

4. Shochu - loved by the samurai and working class alike

6. To Japan and the rest of the world

7. The traditional method of producing shochu

8. Washing and steaming the rice

9. Koji production

10. Producing the primary mash

11. Producing the secondary mash

12. Distillation

13. Storage

14. Bottling