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2. How shochu came to Japan

How was shochu introduced into Japan?

One of the dominant theories is that a type of distilled spirit known as 'lao rong' produced in Thailand in the 15th century was brought into Japan via the Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa) which used to have active contact with Thailand.

There are also theories that 'shochu' came from the Chinese 'baijiu', or that it came from the Himalayas via the Silk Road as there is a region in the Himalayas where alcohol is known as 'awamuri'.

It is also theorized that shochu has its roots in the Middle Eastern alcohol 'arak'.


3. Is Kuma Shochu Japan's oldest brand of Shochu?

4. Shochu - loved by the samurai and working class alike

5. What is Kuma Shochu?

6. To Japan and the rest of the world

7. The traditional method of producing shochu

8. Washing and steaming the rice

9. Koji production

10. Producing the primary mash

11. Producing the secondary mash

12. Distillation

13. Storage

14. Bottling