Tojo-tei House: a nationally designated Important Cultural Property

Original owner: Akitake Tokugawa
Completed: April 1884
Total floor space: 725m2
Style: Pure Japanese style
Structure: Wooden two-storey building


The House of Tokugawa ruled Japan over a period of 264 years until 1867 (the Edo Period). The “shogun” was at the top of this ruling structure. The younger brother of the last shogun was Akitake Tokugawa. He was expected to be the successor to his older brother, and was sent to the 1867 Paris Exposition as a representative of the shogun where he carried out court diplomacy with the kings and emperors of other countries. However, a change in government occurred while he was in Paris, and by the time he returned to Japan, the era of the House of Tokugawa was already over.

Uchigura (Inner Storehouse) Building
Omote-zashiki (Parlor) Building
Goima (Living Room)
Naka-zashiki (Spare Room) Building
Oku-zashiki (Inner Parlor) Building
Yudono (Bathing) Building
Hanare-zashiki (Detached Parlor) Building
Shishanoma (Envoy’s Quarters)Buildings