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Yudono (Bathing) Building


This was the bathroom for family and guests. The bathroom used by members of the staff was in a different location.

There is a dressing room to the left of the entrance and a small bathtub at a lower level. This particular bathtub is from about 80 years ago. It is not from the era when Akitake Tokugawa lived here.

There was no bathtub in the blueprints of Akitake Tokugawa’s dwelling from the Edo Period (1603 to 1868); he would have bathed by drawing up hot water with a bucket and pouring it over himself. The act of bathing by soaking in a bathtub is a relatively recent phenomenon in Japan. Therefore, it may well have been that there was no bathtub in the era when Akitake lived here. We can see that this is a sensible space with no spray coming into contact with the dressing room when bathing by pouring hot water over yourself. Another highlight is the ceiling. Japanese cedar boards with a width of 83cm have been affixed here in an even higher grade style than in the building to welcome guests. This is the most splendid ceiling at the center of Tojo-tei House and is beautifully simple in its design.