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Changing trains

See how to change Nankai Railway trains in VR.

How to use VR

Changing at Namba Station

Namba Station

Ltd. Exp. RAPI:T and Airport Express

3F, Namba Station


2F, Namba Station


South Gate, Namba Station

2F, Central

Station guides

Shin-Imamiya Station guide

Kansai-Airport Station guide

Rinku-Town Station guide

Tengachaya Station guide

Hashimoto Station guide

How to use VR

Changing perspective


Gyro Mode (bottom right)

Your perspective changes as the device moves.

The Home icon will return you to the start screen.

Change view to nighttime, etc.

Clicking the icons allows you to take various actions such as “Move” or “Open image.”

The menu icons at your feet launch things like a list of the scenes when you select “Scenes.”

When using a smartphone, the bottom right icon is VR Mode.

It’s the same action as moving the eyeline cursor in the middle of the screen over the icon and clicking.