Buying tickets

1Check destination

Use the fare table in the station to check where your want to go and how much it will cost.

Route Map

2Buy your ticket at the machine

Buy your ticket at the ticket machines in the stations. Put the money in, and press the button showing the price you checked on the fare table

Using a ticket machine

1Touch panel

2Language selection


4Coin slot

5Note slot

6Ticket dispenser


1.Select your language

Select your language using the language selection buttons at the top right. (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

2.Put your money in

From the buttons in the middle, select the button for the station you want, then put your money in.

If your station isn’t shown, then press “Buy other tickets” at the top right.

3.Select the amount

*Sample image only.

Check the amount to your destination station on the fare table above your head by the ticket machines.

Select the fare button for the station you want, then put your money in.

4.Take your ticket and change

Take your ticket, and don’t forget any change you might have.


Kanku Subway Special tickets

The Kanku Subway Special tickets are a convenient way to save money travelling between a station in Osaka and Kansai-Airport.

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Ltd. Exp. RAPI:T (Limited Express Tickets)

Ltd. Exp. RAPI:T tickets for travel between Namba and Kansai-Airport

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