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Collection Exhibition 2019-Ⅱ

Collection Exhibition 2019-Ⅱ

Sound: Thorsteinsdóttir Tinna
Technical assistance: Kopel Josh and Einarsdóttir Nanna
Photo: OKAMURA Kichiro

Toyama Glass Art Museum mainly exhibits and collects domestic and foreign contemporary glass works produced since the 1950s. “Collection Exhibition 2019-II” displays 18 works from the museum collection based on the theme of “expression.”

Expression refers to facial expressions and gestures related to one’s emotions, or broadly speaking, the state of things and atmosphere.

Shown in this exhibition are various states of glass in relation to the specific characteristics of the material, such as the movement of glass when it is heated, melts and falls, with overlapping colors generated by optical reflections and transmissions, and reflections of the surrounding scenery changing in every second on the glass surface. Also introduced are works showing the natural scenery which was impressive for the artists as well as hope, anxiety, and conflicts that are latent changes in human emotions.

By focusing on expressions shown in each work, the viewer will become aware of a wide range and possibilities of expressions through glass. Please enjoy rich “expressions” created by glass.


December 7, 2019 –June 7,2020


Exhibition Room 4, Transparent Storage (4F)


9:30-18:00 (until 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays)


First and Third Wednesdays (except May 6, 2020), May 13, 2020

Organized by:

Toyama Glass Art Museum

Erwin EISCH, Meanwhile My Mask Has Dropped, from the portrait head series “ Picasso ”, 1997, Photo: SUEMASA Mareo
KIGOSHI Ai, hope, 2002, Photo: SUEMASA Mareo
Václav MACHAČ, Head of A Racing Horse, 2001, Photo: SAIKI Taku


200 Yen, Elem/JH/HS: free


From Toyama St.

20 minute walk

From Toyama St., take the Tram (Shinaidensha) for Minami-Toyama-Eki-Mae and get off at "Nishicho". 1 minutes walk.

From Toyama St., take City Loop Line (Shinaidensha Kanjo-sen) and get off at “Grand Plaza Mae”. 2 minutes walk.

Required time

Approx. 10 minutes from Toyama St. by Tram (Shinaidensha)

From Toyama Airport

From Toyama Airport, take a local bus called Toyama Kuko-sen (Toyama Airport Line) and get off at “Sogawa”. 4 minutes walk.

5-1 Nishicho, Toyama City, Toyama 930-0062, Japan

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