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Microcosmos: Experimenting with New Kinds of Interaction

Microcosmos: Experimenting with New Kinds of Interaction

KATSUKAWA Natsuki, Fascination with magnification II (detail), 2018, collection of the artist

“Microcosmos: Experimenting with New Kinds of Interaction” will showcase the work of seven artists whose expression in glass is a manifestation of profound contemplation of the relationship between themselves, and the world around them. These are artists who find strength, beauty and vitality in familiar flora and fauna, and in the very materials used in their work, and reflect this in their practice. Encountering beings and materials unlike themselves, and gaining intimate knowledge of the origins and nature of these, they then superimpose their own senses in the act of making. Within these attempts at interacting with entities other than themselves, each constructs in their work a delicate, complex realm perhaps best described as a microcosmos. Don’t miss this chance to savor a new phase in glass and artistic expression demonstrating that when it comes to engaging with the world around us, it is vital to give free rein to the fertility of our imaginations.


February 29, 2020 – September 22, 2020


Exhibition Room 1-2 (2F)


Toyama Glass Art Museum

(until 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays, last admission is 30 minutes before closing)
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First and Third Wednesdays (except May 6, 2020), May 13, 2020

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Toyama Glass Art Museum

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THE KITANIPPON SHIMBUN, THE TOYAMA SHIMBUN, Kitanihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd., TULIP-TV INC., Toyama Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

ITO Machiko, Life form II, 2019, collection of the artist, photo by HRPT
GONJO Mafune, Scent of mist, 2017, collection of the artist, photo by Karin Björkquist
INOYA Makiko, Daydream of Butterfly, 2015, collection of Toyama Glass Art Museum, photo by SUEMASA Mareo


<General Public> 700 yen (500 yen) <College student> 500 yen (300 yen)

*Price in brackets for groups of 20 or more.

*Tickets also allow admission to the Permanent Exhibition.


From Toyama St.

20 minutes walk

From Toyama St., take the Tram (Shinaidensha) for Minami-Toyama-Eki-Mae and get off at "Nishicho". 1 minute walk.

From Toyama St., take City Loop Line (Shinaidensha Kanjo-sen) and get off at “Grand Plaza Mae”. 2 minutes walk.

Required time

Approx. 10 minutes from Toyama St. by Tram (Shinaidensha)

From Toyama Airport

From Toyama Airport, take a local bus called Toyama Kuko-sen (Toyama Airport Line) and get off at “Sogawa”. 4 minutes walk.

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