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The Toyosu Market Guide is available in 15 languages.

It can be found on the various information panels and displays at the Toyosu Market, and provides information in multiple languages on the facilities and displays.

If you spot the above QRT code, don’t forget to scan it!

About the Toyosu Market (Tokyo Central Wholesale Market)

A.Fish Wholesale Market

B.Fish Intermediate Wholesale Market

C.Fruit and Vegetable Market

D.Market-Related Goods Shops Area

D.Restaurants Area

The Toyosu Market is divided into three zones, depending on the fresh foods it handles and their role in the market.

Market Information


The following are prohibited during your tour of the Toyosu Market.

  1. Entering areas marked “Authorized Personnel Only”
  2. Taking photographs where it is not permitted
  3. Using flashes directed towards the auction site
  4. Smoking outside the designated areas
  5. Drinking alcohol or eating in the passageways
  6. Littering
  7. Bringing in hazardous materials, pets, or suitcases
  8. Riding bicycles, etc. 
  9. Other actions that hamper the work of the market or inconvenience others