QR Translator

Toward a language barrier-free world

What is QR Translator? 

A service to display multi-language translations using QR Codes

Providing a one-stop system for input, translation, and code creation

From the User's Perspective:

When scanning the QR Code, it automatically discerns the correct language to display based on the user's device settings.

Data Flow

Source Text Submission→Translation (machine/cloud)→Content Editing→QRT Code Generation, all realized in a single system

Utilizing QR Translator, space-saving multilingualization is possible. Furthermore, a single code can support up to 15 languages, so there is no need to print different versions for each language. Thanks to its ease of use, its usage as a tool for providing multi-language displays is increasing at sightseeing spots, events, and more. It has also been adopted for use in product packaging.

Not just inbound services, but services such as transnational e-commerce and product distribution channels linked to outbound needs have started to be offered. Solve your company's worries about expanding overseas with QR Translator today.

About PIJIN Co., Ltd.

PIJIN Co., Ltd. was created by bringing together companies from fields such as multi-language site authoring, translation and software localization; each with special technologies and experiences, with the aim of realizing its mission of creating a language barrier-free world through the power of IT.

Officially commencing services from 2014, we have already generated over 10,000 codes in this short period of time, experiencing rapid growth from funds obtained from various companies and venture capital.