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Energy of Kawaguchi created by residents! !

For the reaization of comfortable community to live in.

Comfortable community shall be created by mutual cooperation of residents in there.

Town Block Association / Residents' Association is an autonomous association which has been established to engage in various activities to preserve our living environment and improve welfare services.


We would like you to comprehend the purpose of our activities, and join Town Block / Residents' Association.

Main activities of Town Block / Residents' Association.

For your safety and security ;『Damage Prevention・Crime Prevention・Traffic Safety Campaign』


For clean community ;『Environment Cleanup Campaign』


Information on your everyday life ;『Publicity』


For your healthy, happy life ;『Culture・Sports・Recreation Activities』


For mutual aid ;『Welfare activities』


Collected membership fee is used to cover the expenses of the activities above. We would like you to comprehend the Association's purpose and join us for both our sake for the realization of community comfortable to live in. Membership fee is around \300 per month. 



Please come to a chairperson of Town Block Association / Residents' Association, or section leader of your area for registration.


If it is unclear which council you are belong to, please contact Kawaguchi City Community Promotion Section.