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How to dispose of household garbage

Garbage must be separated by materials!

Disposal rules on household garbage vary from municipalities. We do not have places to bury garbage collected from citizens. Garbage we collect will be burned or go recycling. Though our garbage plant has the limitation of its ability. 


For that reason, we appreciate your cooperation in disposing garbage on each disgnated day. This page details rules on how to dispose of household garbage. Please note that business related garbage disposal employs different method and rule.

Watch a video to learn household garbage disposal rules.

Kawaguchi City website "Garbage sorting guide in foreign languages". pdf 9.27MB


※You can check garbage collection day, disposal rules, etc.



Kawaguchi City garbage sorting guide (web application)


※Details in garbage disposal rules and designated collection day

How to dispose of your Bulky Waste

In Kawaguchi City, if the longest side of your garbage exceeds 40 cm, you need to discard them as Bulky Waste.

Do not take them out at Regular Gomi Stations of your area.

Watch a movie on “Bulky Waste Disposal Rules”

Specific Items not accepted by Kawaguchi City Garbage Collection Service

Some garbage of which disposal method is specified in the law will not be collected by Kawaguchi City Garbage Collection Service.

Do not take those specific items out at Regular Gomi Stations of your area.

Watch a movie on “Specific Garbage not Collected by Kawaguchi City”