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Volunteered Japanese Classes in Kawaguchi City

List of Volunteered Japanese Classes  pdf 80.6KB

At Kominkan Community Centers or other public places, there are many Japanese language classes you can join in Kawaguchi City.


People from various backgrounds are attending and learning Japanese with fun. Teaching method is different from classes. You can find a class which sincerely emphasizes the curriculum and teaching materials, or a class which accommodates with each learner's level. 


Learners and teaching volunteers are always welcome. Please come and see our classes once. 




Useful sites to learn Japanese

"Connect and Enhannce Your Life in Japanese "


If you want to learn to make communication in Japanese, or lead a life in Japan, this is the quickest and simplest site for you.


You can choose learning contents by your level, the settings and occasions you would like to learn, or search the contents by key words. Be a part of the society and broaden your world by learning Japanese and put what you learned into practice.



"IRODORI Japanese for life in Japan"(available in Japanese and English)


This site assists you to acquire basic communication skills required in life in Japan.


Practical Japanese phrases, Rules and Manners when you work.

3 indispensables when working with Japanese colleagues.

To know more about distinctive features of Japan and Japanese people may help your working time more comfortable. Here, we are going to focus on 3 indispensable points, greeting, briefing, and punctuality, in plain Japanese. That might help you to have a practical communication with your colleagues. Whether you are a worker-to-be or an active worker, do not miss this video.

3 indispensables when working with Japanese colleagues①

3 indispensables when working with Japanese colleagues②

3 indispensables when working with foreign staff.

With an increasing number of foreign staff in Japan, it is essential to know and understand their background that are different from us. Here, we are going to focus on 3 indispensable points required in basic communication with them in plain Japanese. For the realization of creating ideal workplace in which both Japanese, foreign staff are comfortable to work, do not miss this video whether you are already working with foreign staff, or scheduled to be working with them.

3 indispensables when working with foreign staff①

3 indispensables when working with foreign staff②

Learn and accustom yourself to Japan's standard rules and manners on everyday life.

With the hope that all newcomers soon acclimated to a new community, we made Newcomer's Guide to Kawaguchi in which providing minimal standard of rules/manners/essentials for living.


Please make the best use of this Guide to acquire rules and tips concerning your daily life and make your life in Kawaguchi City to a more comfortable one.


Newcomer's Guide to Kawaguchi pdf 5.6MB