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Enroll in the National Health Insurance program!

When going to a medical institution for treatment or consultation of your illness or injury, they charge you only 30 percent of the whole medical expenses.

Enrollment・Withdrawal of National Health Insurance program 


National Health Insurance program is established on the purpose of every person can receive medical care without having the anxiety about medical expenses one ahould bear and support each other by paying National Health Insurance Tax as a source of revenue. It supports not only you, but also people around you. It is an obligation to enroll in this National Health Insurance program if you are not a family of an enrollee of 【Employee's Health Insurance program】, nor a recipient of Livelihood Protection. Even foreign residents who have residence registration in Japan must enroll in either of Health Insurance programs. 

Watch a video to learn National Health Insurance program.

Necessarry procedure

Please come to the City Office to enroll in National Health Insurance program when you moved in to Kawaguchi City, or quit a job; hence withdrew from an Employee's Health Insurance program, or a baby(babies) was born. On the other hand, you will need to withdraw from Kawaguchi City operated National Health Insurance program when you move-out from Kawaguchi City, or enrolled in an Employee's Health Insurance program. 

National Health Insurance card【National Health Insurance Insured Person's Certificate】

After an enrollment procedure is done, your National Health Insurance card will be sent to your address by a simplified registered mail for the purpose of residence confirmation.To age-70 to 74 persons, the card will be titled as National Health Insurance Insured Person's Certificate and Beneficiary Certificate to the Elderly. 。Validation of Health Insurance Card issued from Kawaguchi City expires the end of July each year. We will send a new Health Insurance Card that validates from August to July next year in July each year. 

Foreign residents' expiration date of National Health Insurance card is determined in accordance with the permitted period of stay in Japan. When you have renewed the permitted period of stay in Japan, please bring your "Residence Card" and "Passport" and come to the National Health Insurance Division, City Office, for the renewal procedure of your National Health Insurance card's expiration date.  

Payment of National Health Insurance Tax

Obligation of paying National Health Insurance Tax lies on the head of the household on residence registration. We will send a payment statement to the householder in July each year.


For further information on the national health Insurance program, please visit here pdf 129KB