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Infectious Disease

COVID-19 Infectious Disease

If you have symptoms like this,



3.Have a possibility of catching COVID-19

Applicable to 1~3 and cannot go and see a home doctor, contact a hot line.

Hot Line:Saitama Prefecture COVID-19 Consultation Hotline   0570-783-770(24h)


If your test result came Positive

・Stay and rest at home till symptoms disappear.

・No contact from Public Health Center.


During home recuperation period

・Do not go out till the symptoms are gone.

・Well nourish and hydrate yourself.

・Take body temperature and check physical condition everyday.

・Contact your home doctor if the condition deteriorates(Be sure to make an appointment before your visit). 

・If your home doctor is closed, call Saitama Prefecture COVID-19 Consultation Hotline(0570-783-770).


Person living with COVID-19 Positive Patient

・It is recommended to stay in separate rooms to protect yourself.

・It is recommended to wear a facemask and wash your hands as often as possible.

・Contact your home doctor if any of the symptoms appear.(Be sure to make an appointment before your visit)


Preparation for this situation

・Get an Antigen Test Kit (choose one labeled with "In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)")

・Clinical thermometer


・Food, water, etc.

How to get vaccinated

Still providing COVID-19 vaccine first shot to residents who have not got vaccinated yet. 【Only at clinics】

※You need to submit Vaccine Coupon to get vaccinated. If you lost it or have no idea what it is, please contact Vaccination Call Center, Kawaguchi City.



After getting a booster shot, additional boosters will be provided.

You can get 2nd booster shot after more than 6 months passed from the 1st booster shot .


Booster shot registration site【In Japanese only】


To book additional vaccine, contact Kawaguchi Vaccine Call Ceter



Vaccination Passport

Application and issuance

Please send an application form to us. Do not forget to include a return envelope in it. We will send the Vaccination Passport to you by using this return envelope. 

It will take about 1-2 weeks before the issuance of Vaccine Passport from your application.

※In case you are in urgent need of Vaccine Passport to be issued, firstly send your application form by post, then immediately contact City's Call Center.




For more detailed information,

More detailed information on COVID-19 Vaccination is provided on Kawaguchi City's official website. 

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