Old Akitake Tokugawa Garden: a nationally designated Site of Scenic Beauty

The lawn garden incorporates western-style techniques, and extends out from the west side to the south side of the central buildings. This garden was designed after taking into consideration one’s eye level when sitting down inside. The first stage of development lasted from 1884 to 1887 and then the garden was extended during a second stage until 1890. According to the old photographs taken when Akitake Tokugawa lived here, a grove of umbrella pine trees on the east side and a grove of Japanese varnish trees on the west side were divided by the lawn. Crossing the pine tree grove in the southwest direction also led to another garden. The lawn surface is the oldest of its kind in Japan, developed using western-style techniques. There are no similar instances of the technique in which tree groves have been adopted as the main scenery. Another highlight of the garden is the view of the Edogawa River and of Mt. Fuji, as seen in a westerly direction from the central buildings.