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Quicktron series

Quicktron series

  • Remove fine bubbles mixed into oil continuously using principle of cyclone.
  • The high bubble removal performance removes bubble instantly.
  • The compact design makes installation easy.
  • Provide economic benefits at a low price.
Main specifications
Item codesTR010390TR010400
Model TRQT-50 TRQT-100
Flow range
9~50 50~100
Φ88xH196  Φ170xH270
2.4kg  2.7kg
Structural drawing

Front view

  1. 1Bubble
  2. 2Bubble containing liquid
  3. 3Inlet hole
  4. 4Spare rotational flow room
  5. 5Cyclone room
  6. 6Bubble removing pipe
  7. 7Outlet hole
  8. 8Liquid

Top view

  1. 9Slit

If you will use the flow, high pressure and high temperature except the above specification or the scope of liquid viscosity exceeds standard scope (below 250m㎡/S (cst), so please feel free to contact us.

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Cyclone series

TRCL: principle of cyclone
  1. 1Discharge the increased clean liquid by cyclone effect.
  2. 2Pump dirty liquid.
  3. 3Discharge the sludge with condensed dirty liquid.
  4. 4Flow of clean liquid
  • Solid‐liquid separation by centrifugal force
  • Operate regardless of oil or water-soluble.
  • High wear resistance due to the body of stainless steel.
  • Low running cost. No consumable parts like filters.
  • Enable to check the captured sludge at pot visually.
Main specifications
Item codesTR010395TR010393
Model TRCL-30L TRCL-50L
Treatment flow rate
10~30 20~50
Φ88xH196 Φ88xH196
2.4kg 2.4kg

Discharge the sludge with condensed dirty liquid from the drain hole of the lower part, separating the sludge of high specific gravity at excess flow generated in process liquid flow by pump feed.
The consumable parts like filters are not necessary due to separation by centrifugal force.

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