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Vacuum water removal device series


  • Prevent trouble of hydraulic pressure/lubricating equipment caused by mixing moisture.
  • Suitable for removing a large quantity of moisture mixed into oil.
  • Keep moisture value in tank within reference value by making the circulating processing off-line for lubricating oil tank.
  • Low running cost
Main specifications
Item codesVS0100001VS0300001VS0700001
Model TRVS-10E TRVS-30E TRVS-70E
W550xL1091xH1527 W570xL1442xH1516 W1050xL2050xH2350
260kg 380kg 1250kg

Remove a large quantity of moisture mixed into oil and bubble.

  • Dissolved water: 80%
  • Separated water: 100%
  • Bubble in oil: 100%

Before installationAfter installation

  • Unique vacuum tower structure
  • Extremely high level removing water performance
  • Easy operation/automatic operation
Main target market

・Paper manufacturing ・Iron manufacturing ・Automotive ・Parts processing ・Electric power ・hydraulic oil ・lubricant ・Plant ・Biofuel 

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