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Taiyokan (JR Takahata Station)

You can find a hot spring right in Taiyokan which is also utilized as JR Takahata Station, together with lounge, tourist information center, shops, and restaurants. All of these are right next to JR East Japan Hotel, Folkloro Takahata. A few steps out of the station, you can find many Takahata wineries, and one of the three Monjus in Japan, the Kameoka Monju - a place perfect to immerse yourself in the beauty of Takahata.

Recommended places

 Kameoka Monju

 Mahoroba Ryokudo Street

 Akutsuhachiman Shrine and Historical Park

 Inunomiya, Nekonomiya

 Michinoeki Takahata

 Farmers' market and restaurant

 Yoneori Kankou Center

Takahata's Agricultural Products