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Welcome home

- Travel through Takahata as if you are going home - 


About 2 and half hours from Tokyo Station with Yamagata Shinkansen Train, you will reach Takahata in Tohoku Yamagata Prefecture. The ten thousand years of history and the essence of Japanese scenery await you here. You can take a slow walk, enjoying the architectures, savoring the rich nature and history right in front of you. Pamper your soul with the kindness of the locals and nourish yourself with the delicacies made with local ingredients. You feel as if you are being welcomed home - at a place where you feel at ease. Go find your Takahata. We are waiting for you here.

Recommended places

 Kameoka Monju

 Mahoroba Ryokudo Street

 Akutsuhachiman Shrine and Historical Park

 Inunomiya, Nekonomiya

 Michinoeki Takahata

 Yoneori Kankou Center

Alluring scenery of the ephemeral four seasons, festivals, and events!

What is Takahata Brand?

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