This ticket offers unlimited rides on trains heading toward the Kyoto area on the Keihan Electric Railway. There are many visitors who will have arrived at Kyoto Station via the shinkansen bullet train. The Keihan Electric Railway is highly recommended, as it offers convenient access to several famous tourist attractions. Transfers from JR lines can be made at Tofukuji Station and Inari Station (Fushimi-Inari Station)

Discount Tickets

When using Keihan Electric Railway, passes for visitors to Japan are a convenient way to get around. Not only do you get unlimited rides on Kyoto and Osaka lines, the passes come with a number of other benefits. For travel in Osaka and Kyoto, these passes are indispensable!

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Attractions along the Keihan line

We will be taking you through places you can visit along Keihan Line.

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How to Use

Please insert the ticket into the ticket barrier. Once you pass through the ticket barrier, the ticket will emerge.

Access Between Major Keihan Railway Stations and Osaka Metro Stations

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