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Runny nose cute
Runny nose cute 2WAY type
Instruction Manual:
Can be used from newborns.

Please be sure to read this instruction manual before use.
Also, please keep it with you until you have finished using it.

[Precautions for use]
Prohibited matter
●Do not use for any other purpose. If used by children, a parent or guardian should supervise.
This may lead to unexpected accidents.

●Do not force the nozzle into your nostrils. This may damage the nasal mucosa or cause a nosebleed.
●Never use this product when your child's mouth is closed.
It may affect the middle ear.

●Do not modify the product (including parts) before using it. This may lead to unexpected accidents.
●Do not use if your child is suspected of having a serious infection.
●Do not use the nozzle by placing it close to your nostrils.

Please be careful not to forcefully suck up solid objects.
If you have hardened mucus, soften it with baby oil or similar and remove it with tweezers before using this product.

●When using, keep the product in a stable, low position.
We recommend that you position yourself in a way that allows you to check the nasal mucosa so as not to damage it.

●To prevent accidental ingestion, please make sure each part is securely attached before use.
●If the pump does not return to its original position, use your fingertips to spread the check valve on the nozzle to both sides. The valve may be stuck.
●Be careful not to push the air valve in too far.
The pump may become difficult to press.

●The tips of the check valve and air valve are cracked due to air entering them, but this is not abnormal.
●When the air valve comes off, spread the air valve of the cylinder apart on both sides with your fingertips.
Please note that if mucus accumulates in the nozzle and you tilt it, or if the mucus sticks directly to the air valve due to its viscosity, the mucus may come out when you press the pump.
When using for the first time and after use, disassemble into individual parts.
Wash with lukewarm water or water. The pump may contain mucus, which may lead to mold if left unattended. Be sure to dry thoroughly after washing.

●Silicone rubber has the property of absorbing surrounding pigments, moisture and odors. Please be careful about where you store it.
Store in a clean place out of reach of children, away from high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight, in a case you own, etc.
Please keep it in a safe place. Be especially careful with small parts. Please make sure that children do not put them in their mouths.

[ Parts name]
1吸い口.jpg Mouthpiece tube

Joint Check valve *1・Air valve *2

nozzle Cylinder

Pump *3

*1*2 The check valve and air valve are the same part.
*3 The black spots on the pump do not pose any problems regarding usage or hygiene.

* Consumables (parts) can be purchased from our online store page .

Assembly image
[Backflow prevention valve
There is a notch in the air valve.

Air valve (red circle)
When the pump is pressed the air valve opens.

air snot Air valve (red circle)
When the pump is released the air valve closes.

[Cleaning method]
It can be disassembled for cleaning and disinfection, making it hygienic.

Disassemble all parts. (Be careful not to lose the air valve and backflow prevention valve.)

* Gently grasp the air valve and check valve and pull them out.
If you pinch a part and pull it out, it may tear.
② Rinse all parts with cold or lukewarm water. (Make sure that no mucus remains in the nozzle or tube.)
③When disinfecting, please refer to the disinfection method compatibility table .

④ Dry thoroughly and then reassemble all parts before use.

★ Disinfection method compatibility chart (horizontal scrollable)
Part Name Parts sales Quality Display Disinfection Method
Boiling Chemical solution microwave oven
nozzle silicone
Main body (cylinder) × PP (Polypropylene)
pump × silicone
valve silicone
Joint PE (Polyethylene) × ×
tube silicone
Mouthpiece * PP (Polypropylene)
* 2WAY type only
*When disinfecting in a microwave, be sure to use a container specifically designed for microwave disinfection and follow the instructions for use.
Do not heat directly in the microwave.
*Joints can only be disinfected with chemicals.

Can be sterilized in the microwave using the sterilization case sold separately !

[Product features and usage]

★Collaborative research with the Hiroshima City Otolaryngology Association.
The angle makes it easy to suck and makes for a comfortable inhalation!

Safety design
For the part that touches the baby's nose
Uses a soft nozzle !

●Suck up the mucus directly with the nozzle.
If you are having trouble sucking, make sure the nozzle tip is facing up instead of up.
Try adjusting the nozzle angle along the base of your nose (near the entrance of your nose).
Red circle: Base of nose

●Be careful not to block your nose.
When inserting into the nostrils, make sure your child's mouth is open.

"Suction with a pump"
(Haniso Cutel, Haniso Cutel 2WAY type)
Since you don't suck with your mouth, the risk of secondary infection is reduced!

It can perform continuous suction, so anyone can use it with stable suction power.
It has an air valve so you don't have to worry about air being blown into your child's nose.
how to use
*Please clean and disinfect immediately after use .
Hold the nozzle so that the air valve is facing up, and while holding down the pump, slowly insert the nozzle into your child's nasal cavity. Place the nozzle along the runny nose and slowly loosen the pump while watching the condition to aspirate the runny nose.

The air valve prevents air from being blown into your nose, so you can use it continuously while keeping the nozzle above your runny nose.
If the air valve is used with the downward position or if the amount of snot that can be sucked out is exceeded, there is a risk that the snot will spray out from the air valve.
If the nozzle is turned upside down, mucus may come out from the tip of the nozzle.

"Suck with your mouth"
(Nose-runny cute 2-way type)
Safe design to prevent runny nose from getting into mommy and daddy's mouth

You can rest assured because you can adjust the suction strength while watching your child.
The design prevents snot from getting into mom or dad's mouth.
how to use
Please clean and disinfect immediately after use .
① Attach the joint with the tube attached to the cylindrical part with the air valve still attached.

② Attach the mouthpiece to the end of the tube.
3) Place the nozzle in the mouth, then position the child in a stable position and suction the nozzle along the runny nose while adjusting the suction force.
If the tube is used with the bottom facing down or if the capacity for suctioning nasal mucus is exceeded, the mucus may spray out of the tube or enter the tube.
If the nozzle is turned upside down, mucus may come out from the tip of the nozzle.
●Do not use the pump and tube at the same time.

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