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Disaster Mitigation Points for Foreigners

Be aware of natural disasters in Japan

As a country, Japan is very prone to natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, heavy rain, etc.). Typhoons and heavy rain occur frequently between June and October. If a major disaster strikes, it can cause various damage which makes it impossible to continue with daily life.

Let's ready ourselves!

Prepare in advance to help minimize any damage.

How each of us can prepare

Preventing furniture from overturning

Preparing an emergency kit

Stockpiling water and food


How the community can prepare

Community connections can be invaluable when natural disasters occur. Take part in disaster drills and volunteer in your local area.

Check disaster information

Multiple useful apps and websites exist to keep you informed about disasters. Make sure you register your smartphone or other device in advance.


Note in particular that the incidence of typhoons can be forecast.

Local authorities may have their own ways of communicating multilingual information. Please check in advance.

Regularly check the location of your local evacuation shelters.

Evacuate safely

If disaster strikes, people in endangered areas should evacuate to a safe place. Normally, the designated evacuation centres are public facilities such as primary and secondary schools.

Check out the key evacuation pointers and the decision-making flow for evacuation in the event that the corona disaster does not subside.


In the event of earthquakes or tsunamis

If you sense an earthquake near the coast, or if a tsunami warning is issued, evacuate immediately to higher ground.

In the event of heavy rain

Avoid rivers and cliffs.

Smartphone apps for use in the event of disaster

Safety tips

A convenient app for obtaining information on disasters in Japan.





Japan Official Travel App

A convenient app for tourism in Japan, useful in the event of disaster as well.




News from NHK, plus emergency information on earthquakes and tsunamis.





Web sites for use in the event of disaster

Disaster Information from the Japan Meteorological Agency




Released by: Cabinet Office
Supervision and cooperation: Ministry of Justice, Fire and Disaster Management Agency, Japan Tourism Agency, Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)

*App and website information is current as of the end of March, 2021