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Himeji and Harima Souvenirs Handpicked by Sanyo Department Store
Full of the delicious flavors of popular local foods!!

※ Harima-southwest of Hyogo(Himeji.Ako.Tatsuno.etc)

Basic Information
Address 1 Minami-Machi, Himeji City
Phone 079(223)1231 (Operator)
Trading hours BF – 4F, West Wing 5F: 10 am to 7:30 pm
Main Store, 5F, 6F: 10 am to 7 pm
The restaurants on the sixth floor of the West Wing are open until 10 pm daily.
Recommended products
for foreign tourists
Japanese sweets
<Iseya Main Store>
(Box of 10)
1,296 yen
■Iseya Main Store
<Yoku Moku>
(Box of 14)
972 yen
■Western sweets
(No. 0.6 x 1)
1,188 yen
Tea / Sake
<Nakamura Tokichi Main Store>
Fuji no Shiro
1,080 yen
■ Nakamura Tokichi Main Store
Assorted Choice Teas
(110 g canister of Kabusecha Asatsuyu and 110 g canister of Sencha Ginkaku)
4,320 yen
Shirasagi no Shiro (top quality sake)
3,780 yen
■Japanese and Western liquor

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate
(30 ml)
8,640 yen
(50 ml)
12,960 yen
■ Cosmetics
Facial Treatment Essence
■ Cosmetic
<Cosme Decorté>
Vita de Rêve
■ Cosmetic
Additive-free Whitening Mask
Mask full of beauty essence 6 sheets
3,240 yen
■ Cosmetic
Jusme Color Essence Foundation
SPF18PA++, available in 15 colors
■ Cosmetic

SV Hanadama cache necklace, pair loose
(SV7.5 × 8)
172,800 yen
■ Jewelry Salon
<Blue River>
PT diamond necklace
135,000 yen
K18PG diamond necklace
108,000 yen
■ Jewelry Salon

Kimono accessories
Small furoshiki, 100% cotton,
various types
(50 cm width)
From 648 yen
Washcloth, 100% cotton,
various types
(34 × 90 cm)
From 864 yen
■ Kimono accessories
Sakura tea canister
(with teaspoon)
10,800 yen
■ Lacquerware
Octagonal iron kettle, 0.8L
(IH not possible)
8,640 yen
■ Japanese tableware

Children's merchandise
<Miki House>
Various stainless bottles
(370 ml)
4,104 yen
■Miki House
<Miki House>
Kids' shoes
(11.0〜13.5 cm, red / navy)
7,020 yen
The price and color are subject to change without notice.
■Miki House

Harima Meika
(Japanese sweets)
Main Building, basement - Sweet Plaza
Long sellers, loved for generations
(1 pc.)
A whopping 13.5cm in diameter, this steamed manju bun containing white beans is made in the shape of the family crest of the Ikeda family, masters of Himeji Castle for 18 generations.
Shosha Sen Nen Sugi
(ogura - yuzu)
(2 pcs.) 2,592yen
This baumkuchen cake resembles a thousand-year-old cedar at Enkyoji, one of Harima's finest ancient temples.
Senhime's Princess Potatoes
(6 pcs.)  1,320yen
These flavorful Japanese-style sweet potatoes are made with Naruto Kintoki potatoes, a specialty of the Seto Inland Sea region.
<Kasho Ogawado Akikuni>
Family Crest
(3 large pcs.)  1,480yen
A chestnut is wrapped first in bean jam and then wrapped again in melt-in-your mouth Shigure bean paste.
Neri Yokan
(2 pcs.)  1,540yen
The delicious sweet bean jelly from this long-stablished shop is treasured by people in the know. Hanko sasage beans give it a sweet and refreshing
Shiomi Manju
(White, green tea - 10 pcs.)  864yen
The mysterious combination of the sweetness of bean jam suppressed by the salt is an elegant taste, enjoyed since Edo times.
Egg manju
(10個) 450yen
These delicious egg manju buns are available exclusively at the Sanyo Department Store. Please enjoy them freshly made.
★ In Himeji they are available only at Sanyo

Harima local products
Main Building, basement - various shops
The delicious taste of home, nurtured by pristine nature
<Honke Tanaka>
Grilled domestic conger eel
(1 Skewer (3 - 4 Pieces) - Refrigerated)
Carefully selected conger eel from the Seto Inland Sea are grilled with care in a secret sauce.
<Tsukudani Chara>
Banshu Shirabe
(Himefuki 75g, mushroom kelp & flavored burdock 90g, Black seaweed strips 70g, mixed beans 105g)
It is a preserved seaweed dish with a light taste of homemade soy sauce with selected ingredients.
<Hatoya Kamaboko>
An assortment of kamaboko (fish cakes)
(1 set)  2,092yen
Please enjoy the flavor of the ingredients brought out by the time and effort spent on fresh fish in the old-fashioned way.
<Ibonoito Banshu Hand-pulled Somen Noodles>
Special selection (navy blue band)
(9 bundles x 50g each)  1,296yen
■ Food Gifts
Ibonoito is made by traditional techniques in the bitter cold of winter. It is an original Sanyo dish.
<Mochimugi Foods>
Mochimugi noodles (half-raw noodles)
(Noodles 180g x 2 (4 servings) - noodle dipping sauce included)
■ Food Gift Department
Harima Specialties Not soba, not udon, it is a gem among noodles.
<Fureai no Sato Kozuki>
Mochi soybean miso
(1kg - keep refrigerated)
■ S Mart Rakua Seasonal Colors
Carefully matured for 10 months, it is characterized by its unique stickiness and its umami flavor.
Himeji Oden
(1 package: daikon radish, egg, konnnyaku, burdock tempura, fried fish balls, and beef tendon)
Homeji oden is typically eaten with a ginger soy sauce.

Harima Sake (Liquor)
Japanese and Western liquor department - Main Building, basement
A select well-known sake from Harima, the area that produces "Nishiki Yamada," the king of sake rices
Daiginjo Kome no Sasayaki
It has a mellow, dignified scent and a delicious flavor.
Junmai Daiginjo Aonomu
720ml 2,781yen
It has won Monde Selection Gold Awards for 7 years running. It has a gorgeous, mellow flavor.
Junmaishu Himejijo Honmaru
720ml 1,685yen
Himejijoshu - Includes a leather neck featuring the Terumasa Ikeda family crest
<Meijo Syuzou>
Himejijo Junmai Daiginjo
Gold Label
720ml 3,780yen
This sake makes the most of the naturally delicious flavor of Yamada Nishiki rice.
<Meijo Syuzou>
Junmai Himejijo
720ml 1,080yen
This junmai sake makes the most of the rich flavor of the rice.
Daiginjo Himejijo Label
720ml 3,240yen
The label features an art print of the castle by Himeji printmaker, Kenzaburo Iwata.
<Sanyohai Sake Brewery>
Banshu Ikkon Daiginjo
720ml 2,700yen
This crisp, fragrant sake is carefully crafted by the hands of Tajima master brewers.

Himeji local products
Craftsmanship handed down for generations produces this heartwarming gem.
[Himekawa Zaiku]
These leather crafts made with white tanned leather are a pure white and flexible as well as strong, and are representative of Himeji.
Himekawa Wallet
Wallet fastener 8.5x18cm Pattern may differ
7,650 yen ①
Himekawa Folding Wallet
Snap lock wallet 11x11cm Pattern may differ
8,640 yen ②
Himekawa Change Purse (box type)
7x10x1.5cm Pattern may differ
3,564 yen ③
Himekawa Card Case
14x8cm Pattern may differ
4,320 yen ④
Himekawa Snap Lock Seal Case
5x8.5cm Pattern may differ
1,512 yen ⑤
■ Main Building, 1st floor - Ladies' Goods
[Myochin Wind Chimes, Tongs]
They carry on the forging techniques used to make Myochin armour. These tongs are made by taking iron that glows from the heat of the furnace and striking it with exquisitely controlled force. Door chimes become amulet tongs.
Every time they are touched they produce a clear cricket-like sound.
Myochin Wind Chimes (regular)
Iron, in a paulownia wood box
■ Main Building, 5th floor - Japanese tableware
Myochin Tongs Kusun (horsetail)
Iron, in a paulownia wood box
■ Main Building, 5th floor - Japanese tableware
[Himeji Tile Crafts]
Tile crafts created with venerable Koyo-made tiles (Koyo kilns) by tile craftsmen who worked on tile restoration at Himeji Castle.
Himeji Tile Crafts Shachi (a mythical carp)
Height 19cm - in a wooden box
7,560 yen ①
Himeji Traditional Smoked Tiles
ARARE Coasters
2,160 yen ②
Arare Photo Frame
Large size
3,240 yen ③
■ Main Building, 5th floor - Japanese tableware

A Guide to Restaurants and Cafes
West Building, 6th floor
Toh Ten Koh
Chinese Food
Japanese Cuisine

Chapeau Rouge
Inaba Wakō Tonkatsu
(Pork Cutlets)

Hand-made Udon Noodles
Hida No Takayama

Ristorante Antico Albergo
Café comme ça

Main Building,
3rd floor
Tea House
M2 floor
Cafe Morozoff

West Building,
2nd floor
Seattle's Best Coffee

Main Building
Coffee Tasters

Gelato & Juice
Gozasoro Tan Tan

Uoji Edo grilled eel,
freshwater fish cuisine
Japanese Delicatessen

Thank you for visiting our store.Please review information on duty-free procedures here.
Information on duty free procedures
Applicants For a non-resident who has made the purchase(s), the person himself/herself must apply. (A representative is unacceptable.)

- Foreigners who have resided in Japan for less than six months.
※ The date of re-entry is not applicable
- Japanese who reside abroad, who have returned to Japan temporarily for less than six months.
※Japanese with Japanese nationality those who left Japan for the purpose of residing for more than two years abroad.
Application period Only the day on which you made the purchase(s)
Target goods General goods Expendables
Shoes, bags, clothing, watches and jewelry, etc. Foods, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.
(Excluding the cost of repairs and processing cost.)
The goods purchased for personal use. (Those purchased for ommercial purpose are unacceptable. )
The goods that you will take with you when you leave Japan for your ciuntry this time.
Limits on the amounts purchased 10,001 yen (excluding consumption tax) or more 5,001 yen to 500,000 yen
Range (excluding consumption tax)
The amount of the purchase of general goods and that of consumables cannot be combined. For each of the purchases, the above conditions must be satisfied.
Refund methods Cash (Japanese yen)
Packing None specified. Must be packed in the method determined by the government of Japan
Please do not open until you have left Japan
Please also note that if the goods are purchased in Japan, consumption tax will be imposed.
What you are required to present ①The customer's passport(No copy is acceptable. Entry permit stamp (seal) is required.)
※"Foreign resident visa" and "I.D. card" are required for Japanese residing overseas.
※Members of the crew need to present the "landing permit for crew"

② Goods that you have purchased.

③ The official receipts for your purchases (handwritten receipts and automatically issued receipts are unacceptable.)

④The credit card used(if a credit card was used for the purchase)
※ The name on your credit card(s) must match the name on your passport.
※ Corporate cards are unacceptable.
The goods that are not duty free The goods purchased in stores other than Sanyo Department Store.

To the sales persons
①Please have the customer read the information on the duty-free fee, etc., while pointing out the above-mentioned "Information on Duty Free Procedures".

②Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

③For assisting customers after 7:00 p.m.-- each customer must be accompanied by the sales person who has telephoned the Duty Free Counter in advance.

④If there is anything that is not clear, please inquire at the Duty Free Counter. Customers' Salon on the 5th floor of the West Wing. Extension 2962.

Tax-Refund Counter
Customers' Salon on the 5th floor of West Building
Acceptable credit cards