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Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores

Education Campaign for Emergency Stock

Medical Supplies and Sanitary Goods

Stockpile at home for yourselves and your family!

Don't forget to stockpile at your work place!

Stockpiling lists attached



Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores


Disaster prevention and evacuation by Takehiko Yamamura

Medical supplies and sanitary goods by Michiko Hori

Stockpile at home!

●Lessons from support activities after the Great East Japan Earthquake

Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores started supporting activities from the day after the disaster, including goods supplies, dispatch of pharmacists and collection of donations. Although supporting evacuation sites, of course, is important, stockpiling at home was felt to be much more important.

It is said that an earthquake of the same scale is likely to occur at any place in Japan in the near future.

Preparation is necessary. Put an effort into stockpiling at home!

●"Stockpiling at home" is important.

・Goods will be sold out in no time at stores.

・Manufacturers stop producing and supplying their goods.

・Production cannot catch up with demand in that situation.

・Transportation of backup supplies is expected to be difficult.

The point is to stock pile at home for yourselves and your family and live by yourselves for a certein period.

●How to use stockpiling lists

Stockpiling lists are on the middle and back sides.

Check what are stockpiled and buy anything not stockpiled.

・Basic stockpiling lists (medical supplies, healthy food, beverages, first aid kits, and sanitary goods)

・Lists of goods for babies and elderlies

If it applies, add them to the list

・Emergency items list

The list is also on the website of JACDS, so please download and use it.

Comments from the supervisor

Takehiko Yamamura

Chief of the Disaster Prevention System Laboratory

Be prepared pessimistic and act optimistically:For a large-scale disaster such as the anticipated Nankai Trough Earthquake, stockpiling for about 7 days is required. It is important not only to stock up but also to perform regular inspections and renewals, such as period management.

Michiko Hori

Person in charge of Medical Information Department of SIC Corporation/ pharmacist

Survive by yourselves. Presuppose that confusion continues after disasters and you cannot receive enough support. It is important to survive by yourselves for at least three days. Be prepared for emergency, refering to this brochure.

● Points of domestic stockpiling ●

In order to prevent a secondary disaster (damage after a disaster), stockpile medical supplies and sanitary goods for a certain period.

Stockpile medical supplies and sanitary goods for a certain period as well as water and foods. They are useful when you are in a poor condition.

Set four dates a year as stockpile checking day to check if any of stockpile is expired or not.

If you have stockpiled after the Great East Japan Earthquake, check the quantity and date of the current stockpiled water, food and medicine.

Set four dates (1st of September, December, March and June) of a year as Disaster Prevention Goods Checking Day. At the turn of the season, replace clothes and check expiration dates of goods.

Use the Rolling Stock Method in stockpiling: stockpile the new and use the old.

Stockpiling is not the end. If you forget that, you may miss the expiration dates of stockpile and ruin them.

So we recommend the Rolling Stock Method.

It is to stock extra goods you usually use and use them while keeping a certain amount of the stockpile: rotate stockpiles.

This can be applied not only to water and food but also to toilet rolls.

If you have a chronic disease, carry enough medicine your doctor has prescribed for at least three days.

In an emergency, it is likely that you cannot go back home. If you have chronic disease and are prescribed medicine for by your doctor, carry medicine for three days. It is better to carry your medicine notebook.

As for food, stock your favorites as well as neceessary nutrients.

It is important to keep your mental health as well as your physical health in an emergency. It is important to stock foods you like.

When you go out, carry emergency food such as chocolate or dried fruit in your bag.

Stockpile at your work place!

In the Great East Japan Earthquake, a lot of people could not return home and suffered great confusion. Stockpile at your work place for the safety and security of employees.

Stockpiling standard ◎: necessary 〇: good to have △: seasonary - ※: Target person

*If you have family of four

GoodsStockpileCriterion to stockpileStandard amountTockpiling points
Cold remedyall-around cold remedy (for adults and infants)24 packets1 pack available both for children and adults
Kakkonto (concoction of kudzu)24 packets1 pack for the beginning of a cold (for those who prefer Kanpo, traditional Chinese medicine)
cold remedy for young children24 packets1 pack (for family including young children)
Antipyretic analgesicsantipyretic analgesics24 packets1 pack for fever and pain relief
antipyretic analgesics for young children24 packets1 pack of Jiryu or acetaminophen (for a family including young children)
Gastrointestinal drugall-round gastrointestinal drug24 packets1 pack for the treatment of bad gastrointestinal condition
antidiarrheal medicine24 packets1 pack for the treatment of diarrhea deriving from water poisoning or food poisoning
Intestinal controlling drug24 packets1 pack especially for those who have a weak stomach
enema1 packFor prevention of poor condition deriving from constipation
laxatives24 packets1 pack for the prevention of a poor condition deriving from constipation
Dermatologic agent disinfectant1 bottleTo encourage washing hands
external medicine1 bottleIt's better if it contains a steroid
skin-care medicine△in winter1 bottleYou should moisturize your skin
proactive skin-care cream△in winter1 bottleTo avoid rough hands by rubbing alcohol
insect bite reliever△in summer1 bottleBeware of mosquitos and poisonous insects
Eye-dropseye-drops (for general purposes)1 bottleIf you share the eye-drops with others, you should be careful so that it does not touch your eyelashes
eye-drop (single use)1 packIndividual use
eye-drops for allergies1 bottle(Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic caused by pollens and dusts)
an antibacterial liquid for contact lenses1 bottle(For those who use contact lenses)
soft contact lens (single use)three-days use(For those who use contact lenses)
External analgesic/ Anti-inflammationpoultice (cold)1 packIn cases of acute pain such as sprains or bruises, you need to cool down the affected part of your body.
anti-inflammatory analgesic (spray bottle)1 bottleIn cases of acute pain such as sprains or bruises, you need to cool down the affected part of your body.
Nutritional fortificationmultivitamin supplement1 bottleMost relief products are high in carbohydrates
Beveragenutritional supplement drink (quasi-drug)12 bottlesRehydration and vitamin-mineral supplements for those who have a fever or cold
Other medicinescardiotonic drug1 pack(For those who have heart trouble)
medecine for allergies (including hay fever)1 pack(For those who have an allergy)
Health food/ Supplementary foodnutritional supplements (functional food)6 packsNutritious food containing dried fruits or nuts
functional beverage6 bottlesVegetables (dietary fiber), containing vitamins
dried vegetables, high-fiber diet1Constipation prophylaxis
supplementary beverage, nutritional balanceappropriate quantityIt is advisable to stock food high in amino acids or vitamins/minerals.
Beveragebeverage (2L)2 boxes6 bottles ×2=12 bottles
green tea, black tea, oolong tea6 bottlesYou should stock your favourite food for your mental well being.
First-aid kitgauze (ones that do not stick to the wound)3L(7.5×10)8 gauzes、M(7.5×7.5)10 gauzes、5(5×5)12 gauzes)1 pack for each size
bandages (elastic bandages)2
band-aid1 box20 band-aids
tweezers, scissorsone for each
triangular bandage2 bandagesMaterials which can be used as bandages (e.g. stockings)
absorbent cotton1 box100 g
thermometer1 thermometer
mask12 masksPreparation of nonwoven fabric and disposable mask is required. It is necessary to prepare a mask that can respond not only to pollen but also dust due to building collapse etc.
First-aid outfitantiseptic available (gel, ethanol)1 botlleHands/ Instruments disinfection
disinfectant for injury1 bottleFor disinfecting scratches and cuts
Sodium hypochlorite1 bottleFor disinfecting vomit and excrement
Athletic supportertaping1 roll
coolant pack1 packA box of 12 sheets; for blows and bruises as well as fever
for elbows, legs, ankles, and calvesone for each partReplacable with bandage or taping
Other sanitary goodssanitized wet tissuesone bag each (large size)Prepare both: one which contains alcohol and another not, for use as substitutions for wiping hand, the body or tables
sanitized wet tissue (pocket size)4 bagsAs a substitution for wiping hands, bodies or tables
sweat wipe sheet△in summer1 packA pack of 30 sheets; it is likely that you cannot take a bath or shower
dry shampoo1 bottleIt is likely that you cannot take a bath or shower
underwear liner1 packIt is likely that you cannot do laundry
sanitary napkin1 pack
incontinence pad1 packIn case of a limitation on the use of toilets because of a water cutoff or power breakdown
denture cleaning agent1 bottleFor those who use dentures
disposable gloves1 packUsed for disposing of excrement
disposable underwear5 per personIt is likely that you cannot do laundry
garbage bag1 packAs a gown in cold weather or a bag for garbage or vomit and excrement
insecticide, insect repellent△in summer1 bottleBeware of mosquitos and poisonous insects
mosquito coil△in summer1 packAssuming that you cannot use electricity
kairo (pocket warmer)△in winter12 piecesAdjust according to the number of people


Ensure you have at least three days supply of your mandatory medicine which has been prescribed by your doctor.

Applicable to those families which have babies and elderly members.

GoodsStockpileStandard amountStockpiling points
Baby goodsbaby water (beverage, milk, soup, etc.)2L×3Water including mineral water is not suitable for babies
powdered milk2 cansNot substitutable; keep 2 cans unopened besides the one in use.
juice, snackproper quantityYour baby's favorites
baby food (including soup)9 meals eachStock bottled and contained water on the assumption that it is difficult to readily get water or hot water.
baby's bottle and teat12 teats per bottle
tableware, spoon, fork1 suiteYou might want to have a strawcup depending on the age; but not necessary.
disinfection equipment1 suiteFor disinfecting tableware and baby's bottle
baby lotion (oil)1For body moisturing; cream is not necessary if you have a lotion.
baby soap1You can wash your baby's hair with soap
cotton swab1100 sticks; for cleaning ears and nose
toothbrush and toothpaste1 suiteStock 1 toothbrush and 1 tube of toothpaste
gauze for baby1More or less 10 sheets
paper diaper (taped) (pants)2 packs2 packs of 24 diapers; proper size
baby wipes3 packsBaby wipes can be used for other purposes; stock large pack
If your baby has an allergy, stockpile antiallergic food (milk)
You may include toys, pacifiers, baby slings, shoes and clothes in the list of things to bring out in an emergency.
Goods for the elderlypaper diaper (for those who can walk, sit down and stand up; for those who requires nursing care)1 packA pack of 24 diapers; proper size
urine pad (for female) (for male)1 packA pack of 24 pads
body wipes1 packA pack of 30 sheets
wipes3 packsCan be used for other purposes; large size
disinfection spray1 bottle
denture cleaning agent1 bottle(For those who use dentures)


Applicable items should not only be added to the basic stockpile, but also added to emergency takeouts as items.

Stockpiling standard ◎: necessary 〇: good to have △: seasonary - ※: Target person

Things to bring outCriterionStandard AmountStockpiling Points
Things to keep in emergency bagcopy of emergency contact-Make sure that another person can be contacted in case of injury
picture of family-For location confirmation of family members when you get seperated
flashlight1It is better if it is equipped with manual charging
candle (match)1 pack eachThese can be used when any device or battery becomes unusable
dry cell battery (D, C, AA, AAA)amount used at onceChoose the size according to your device
small radio1It is better if it is equipped with manual charging
wet tissue1 pack (large size)For hand wipe and body wipe in case of water outage. Available for oral care.
toothbrushone per personFor oral care
wateras much as possible to carryDistribute to each member's bag. Decide the amount of water according to each member's physical strength.
emergency food9 meals per personDivide them into bags for each family member. Nutritional (functional) foods, retort foods, etc.
safety gloves, leather gloves1 pair per person(For work after disaster; Gunte (cotton work gloves) are not safe enough to handle broken glass, broken pieces and so on)
simple toilet24 sheetsYou can use them at home if you do not evacuate
aluminum vapor deposition insulation sheetone sheet per personHeating aids in winter
Bring out in emergency (usually store separately) cash (wallet)-For purchasing something that is missing
cash card-
bankbook, seal-
medicine notebook, health insurance carddepending on individualsMother and child notebook if you have a baby
keys (of your house, car, etc.)-Drop the breaker and lock the house before evacuation
cell phone, charger 1It is better if it is equipped with manual charging
glasses, contact lenses-(Disposable contact lenses for at least three days)
hearing aid-(For health management during evacuation)
dentures-(For health management during evacuation)
regular medicinedepending on individuals(For at least three days)


Drop the breaker if you leave home.

Contact Information


Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores
Emergency Response Committee

phone number: 045-474-1311

fax: 045-474-2569

website: http:www.jacds.gr.jp

March 2013 published; preserved version

DISCLAIMERThis brochure is issued for the purpose of information on stockpiling and does not bear responsibility for its contents. Please ask the disaster prevention section of your prefecture if necessary.