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Chiba Travel Guide

Chiba Travel Guide is a sightseeing guide provided by Chiba City. You can view sightseeing information about the city in multiple languages.

Chiba City (wide area) Guide

We introduce recommended spots in Chiba City.


Chiba "Omotenashi" Shop Guide

A multi-lingual site for visitors to Chiba City, providing information on dining, shopping and services.


Kaihin-makuhari Station Area Guide

We introduce recommended spots in the Kaihin-makuhari Station area.


Access Guide

Here you can check the transportation methods between Chiba Station and Kaihin-makuhari Station, and Tokyo Station. You can also find information on the Chiba Urban Monorail, which runs through Chiba City.


Point and Talk

A tool to support communication in restaurants, shops, on buses and trains, and in hospitals.


Muslim-friendly Guide

Chiba City extends a warm welcome to Muslim visitors! Here you can find information on food, shopping, prayer rooms and Muslimah beauty salons.


Getting Help

Links to useful sites for visitors from overseas when help is needed, including medical and disaster information, and embassy contact details.


Chiba Lotte Marines is a professional baseball team based at the ZOZO Marine Stadium.