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・ Cruise to enjoy the night view of Sumida River and Tokyo Harbor


We are accepting early reservations for popular sections at a special rate [10% discount] !

Sunshi Tatekawa, also known as "The Late Rakugo Boy," will serve as Takaza & Lecture.
Based on the knowledge of the Faculty of Humanities, Department of History (Early Modern History of Japan), which I majored in when I was a student, I will give a funny lecture on Edo's savings.
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・ Date: October 28th (Thursday)
This is a 1.5-hour cruise to learn about flood control measures for the Sumida River, a first-class river. We will explain the past and present of river disaster prevention that Tokyo is working on, such as the role of super levee and floodgates.

・ Water bus and meal set plan

Limited sale of 3 groups a day!
Special plan that includes night cruise & 1-day all-you-can-ride ticket and dinner & accommodation (breakfast included) at The Gate Hotel Ryogoku
On the following Sunday, you can use the water bus all-you-can-ride ticket to go to Asakusa, Takeshiba, Odaiba ... You can go around sightseeing spots in Tokyo by boat. Why don't you take this opportunity to change " usual weekend" to "special weekend" with a lot of special plans?

Limited sale on specific days in January 2022 !!

A great ticket that includes " Tokyo Mizube Line (water bus) " and " SKY HOP BUS (sightseeing bus) " !!

Please take this opportunity to enjoy the famous sightseeing spots of Tokyo from "water" and "land" !!

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  • ・ Reservation start date varies depending on the course.
  • ・ Flights that can be reserved are being added one by one.
  • ・ The flight may be canceled or the course may be changed depending on the weather and tide level.
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