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Introduction of infection control measures for the new coronavirus and requests to customers

At the Tokyo Mizube Line, staff wearing masks, alcohol disinfection, ventilation inside the ship, etc.
We will continue to thoroughly implement measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases and work on safe and secure operation.

Click here for an introduction to measures against new coronavirus infections (PDF)

In addition, we ask our customers for their cooperation in measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases, such as temperature measurement, alcohol disinfection, and wearing masks, as described in "Requests to Customers (PDF)".
For the time being, please refrain from "drinking" on board and "conversation" when eating.

Click here for customer requests ( PDF )

We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.

We have compiled a video of the measures for the Mizube Line in an easy-to-understand manner and released it.
Please also see.

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