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Limited edition Mifune seal book "Sail Training Ship Nippon Maru" sold out thanks ! !!
It has been discontinued

Selling price: 2,200 yen (tax included)
Sales location: Ryogoku River Center ticket counter
Terms: None (Purchase only)

As the number is limited, please hurry if you are looking for it.

Thank you for selling out the "30th Anniversary Limited Edition Mifune Seal"! !!

Tokyo Mizube Line 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Mifune Seal has been sold out! !!
Thank you for your purchase.

The regular version of the Tokyo Mizube Line and the official Mifune seal book are now on sale.
* Sales location is only " Ryogoku River Center Ticket Office ".

・ [Normal number] Mifune seal 300 yen each (tax included)

Mifune mark (blue)

Mifune seal (red)

・ Official Mifune Seal 1,980 yen (tax included)

Click here for the official website of "Mifune Seal Project"

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