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Guidance of 2023 "one day swaying trip" navigation

This is a course that takes you around the Sumida River, Arakawa River, and Tokyo Bay over the course of a day.
Enjoy your leisurely boat trip!

Friday, April 28, Sunday , May 28, Thursday , June 29, Friday, July 28, 2023
August 25th (Friday), September 22nd (Friday), October 22nd (Sunday)

※※Reservations for Friday, April 28 have started※※

By appointment only
*Reservations can be made over the phone or online from one month prior to the flight date.

Click here for online reservation

TEL: 03-5608-8869 (Reception hours: 9:00 to 17:00, except Mondays)
Please note that the reception will be closed when the capacity is reached.

Please check the brochure below.


●Eating and drinking is allowed on board, but alcohol is not allowed.
●If you have a fever or feel unwell, please refrain from boarding.
●Depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus infection, restrictions may be set again.
●We ask for your cooperation in preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
●When boarding, we recommend wearing a mask and disinfecting your hands with alcohol.
●The cruise may be canceled or the course may be changed due to weather, tide level, etc.
●Seats are unreserved.
●If you use a wheelchair, please contact us in advance.
●Pets (dogs, cats, etc.) cannot be brought in even if they are in a pet carrier. *Excludes guide dogs, hearing dogs, and assistance dogs.
●Smoking is prohibited on board.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Park AssociationTokyo Mizube Cruising Line

TEL: 03-5608-8869

Service hours

Does not operate on Mondays (or the day after if Monday is a national holiday)