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Let's go by water bus!

About boarding

  • Does it operate daily?

    As a general rule, the service is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. (Flights will operate on public holidays)

    The year-end and New Year holidays are also closed.

    We may be open even on regular holidays during the cherry blossom season, Golden Week, and summer vacation.

    For details, please check the announcements on the homepage or contact us.

    (Tokyo Mizube Line TEL: 03-5608-8869)

    Click here for the flight schedule for the day

  • Can I board the ship even in rainy weather?

    You can use it even in rainy weather. However, it may be canceled due to weather and sea conditions (heavy rain, strong wind, etc.), tide level, etc. Please contact us on the day for flight status.

    (Tokyo Mizube Line TEL: 03-5608-8869)

    Click here for today's flight schedule

  • Where can I buy boarding tickets?

    Tickets are sold on the same day at the manned landing areas of Ryogoku River Center, Asakusa Nitenmon, WATERS Takeshiba, Odaiba Kaihin Park, and Kasai Rinkai Park.

    At other unmanned terminals, tickets will be sold on board when you board the ship. Please check the website on the day of the flight or contact us for flight status.

    (Tokyo Mizube Line TEL: 03-5608-8869)

    Click here for location information of the pier and ticket office

  • Can I board the ship without a reservation?

    Reservations can only be made for groups of 15 or more people from 6 months in advance of the date of use. For individual customers, tickets are sold on the day at the ticket office (or at the departure/arrival area if unmanned).

    However, as congestion is expected for "Ichi-Nichi Yurari Journey", "Edo-Tokyo Burari Journey", and "Special Yura Bura Flight", which have specified flight dates, individual customers should also start from one month before the date of use. We accept reservations (complete reservation system).

    * Click here for more information on Ichinichi Yurari Journey

  • How should I use the unmanned takeoff and landing area?

    Other than Ryogoku River Center, Sensoji Nitenmon, WATERS Takeshiba, Odaiba Kaihin Park, and Kasai Rinkai Park, the departure and arrival areas are unmanned. When the departure time comes, the ship will arrive, and the crew and staff will guide you inside the ship. Please wait in front of the gate. Please purchase a boarding ticket from the sailor or staff on board.

  • Do you accept coupons?

    Coupons can be purchased at travel agencies. However, the coupon must be exchanged for a boarding ticket at the boarding location on the day. Please contact us for the handling of coupons.

    (Tokyo Mizube Line TEL: 03-5608-8869)

  • Are there any boats that arrive and depart from Hinode, Toyosu, and Hamarikyu?

    There are no flights from the above departure/arrival locations.

    Click here for location information of the pier for departure and arrival.

  • Can I board the ship in a wheelchair?

    The ship and the departure/arrival area are wheelchair accessible. Please contact us when using.

    (Tokyo Mizube Line TEL: 03-5608-8869)

  • Can I bring my bicycle?

    Bicycles can be brought into the cabin as baggage with a total length of 2m or less and a weight of 30kg or less.

    The types and methods of riding are as follows.

    (1) Folding bicycles, small bicycles for children, tricycles, kickboards, etc.

    If it falls under the above (size and weight), it can be brought on board, and a bicycle bag is not required.

    ⑵ Road bike etc.

    If the disassembled bicycle falls under the above conditions, it can be carried on-board by storing it in a bicycle bag.

    ⑶ Bicycles that cannot be folded or disassembled and do not fall under the above conditions are not permitted.  

*In addition, if you are using cycling shoes, there is a risk that the metal fittings on the soles of the shoes may damage the floor of the water bus, so please change to normal shoes or cover them before boarding. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Can I bring my pet?
All dogs other than guide dogs, assistance dogs, and hearing dogs are not allowed. You cannot bring it in, even if it is in a carry-on bag.

About fees

  • What's the fare?

    It varies depending on the section you use. Adult prices start from 200 yen. Various discounts are also available.

  • Is there a child price?

    Children's fares (elementary school students) are half the price of adults. One preschooler is free per adult. From the second child onward, a child fare will be charged. Please note that junior high school students and above will be charged an adult fare. *For groups, children's fares apply from 1 year old.

  • Are there any discounts for groups?

    If there are 15 or more people excluding infants under 1 year old (free passengers), the fare will be discounted by 10%.

    Please contact us for details (Tokyo Mizube Line TEL: 03-5608-8869). Click here for group reservation application form

  • Is there a discount for people with disabilities?

    If you present your physical disability certificate, mental disability certificate, or rehabilitation certificate (Ai no Techo, etc.), the fare for the person with the certificate and one caregiver will be halved.

  • Can I use credit cards and various types of electronic money (Suica, etc.)?

    Electronic money (Suica, etc.) can be used at each of the manned landing areas of Ryogoku River Center, WATERS Takeshiba, Odaiba Kaihin Park, Kasai Rinkai Park, and Asakusa Nitenmon. Payment at other locations is cash only.

About facilities and services

  • Can I charter a boat?

    We accept reservations starting from 1 hour (in 30 minute increments after 1 hour). Please contact us for details (Tokyo Mizube Line TEL: 03-5608-8869).

  • Are there reserved seats on the ship?

    All seats are non-reserved, and you will be seated in the order in which you line up.

  • Can I eat onboard? Do you sell food and drinks?

    There is a vending machine for soft drinks on board, but there are no meals or snacks for sale. You are free to bring your own food and drinks.

  • Are there restrooms on board?

    There is one for men and one for women. The women's restroom is also accessible for wheelchair users.

  • Can I always go to the upper deck?

    It may be closed depending on the weather and sea conditions and tide level. note that.

  • Is there a guide on board?

    There is always voice guidance by MD on board. However, for some of the scheduled services (Asakusa/Odaiba Cruise) on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, Shitamachi River Guide volunteers certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association will be on board to provide guidance on board.

  • Is there a parking lot?

    There is no dedicated parking lot for the Tokyo Mizube Line. Depending on the departure and arrival area, there is a paid parking lot nearby.

  • Can I smoke on board?

    Smoking is prohibited on board the ship, including the rear and upper deck seats.

Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association Tokyo Waterfront Line

TEL: 03-5608-8869

business hours

Closed on Mondays (the next day if Monday is a holiday)