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Please contact us from here.

TEL: 03-5608-8869

FAX: 03-5608-8735

Tokyo Park Association Tokyo Mizube Cruising Line
Tokyo, Sumida-ku Yokoami 1-2-16 Kokugikan Mae Tosei Building 4F

Inquiry time 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
Regular holiday Monday (in the case of a holiday, the following day)

Inquiries via the Internet

For inquiries, please use the inquiry form "Let's go to the park!"
When making an inquiry, please check “ Tokyo Waterfront Line ” under “Category”.
It takes time to answer.
Please call us for urgent inquiries.

Internet Explorer users

If you are using Internet Explorer 6.0 or lower, you will not be able to access the mail form / mail magazine registration screen.

Contact Us
Tokyo Mizube Cruising Line Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

TEL: 03-5608-8869

business hours

Closed on Mondays (next day if a national holiday)