Crab paste

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Crab paste

You may just enjoy the freshness of crab paste or adding a little bit crab paste into steamed egg custard or soup to create a new cuisine.Discover new taste with your ideas!

Put into refregerator after opened. (Perishable) Finish it as soon as possible.

Crab Paste Cooking Contest Winning Recipes

Crab Paste Semifreddo


Crab Paste

Dried Fruit


Fresh cream


  1. Mix crab paste, honey, sugar, fresh cream in a bowl together.
  2. Lay plastic wrap under a mold, pour the mixture, put into freezer overnight.
  3. Done
Crab Paste Salt


Rice with Raw Egg

A can of Crab Paste


  1. Stir fry the whole crab paste with low heat until it becomes powder-like.
  2. Mix with 6g of salt.
  3. Sprinkle cut perilla leaf, carb paste salt, and put an soft-boiled egg on top.
  4. Done
Simple Rice Croquette


Crab Paste


Melty Cheese

Perilla Leaf


Black Pepper


  1. Warm rice, Mayonnaise, Carrot, Perilla Leaf and crab paste, mix them altogether in a bowl.
  2. Make it a rice ball after well mixed.
  3. Put some melty cheese in the center.
  4. Dip flour→beaten egg→bread crumb accordingly
  5. and fry it with 180℃ oil for 8 minutes.
  6. Done
Bitter Gourd with Crab Paste


Crab Paste

Salted Kelp

Bitter Gourd


Chili Pepper

Japanese Ginger

  1. Slice the bitter gourd into 3mm, and boil it.
  2. Shred the Japanese ginger and immerse it in water.
  3. Slightly cut the cucumber, and immerse it in salt water.
  4. Drain off water from the bitter gourd, put it in a plastic bag with salted kelp and chili pepper.
  5. Mix them with crab paste, and put it on a plate.
  6. Decorate with Japanese ginger and cucumber, and it is done.
Crab Paste Canapés

Serving suggestion: Smoked Salmon Canapes


Crab Paste

Italian Dressing

Smoked Salmon


Green Onion Sprouts

Avocado & Lemon


  1. Mix crab paste with Italian dressing to create a mixed sauce.
  2. Put Salmon, sliced avocato, olive and lemon on a cracker.
  3. Put over the mixed sauce, add some green onion sprout, and it is done.

Serving suggestion: Roasted Beef Canapés


Crab Paste

Tartar Sauce

Green Onion

Roasted Beef

  1. Mix crab paste with Tartar sauce to create a mixed sauce.
  2. Put over the mixed sauce on a cracker, put some roasted beef on top.
  3. Put more sauce on the roasted beef, add some green onion, and it is done.
Name Crab Paste
Content 55ℊ
Ingredients Crab paste, Crab powder, Japanese Sake, Sugar,Thickener (processed starch), Antioxidant (Vitamin C)
Best before Stated below the container
Preservation method Store in cold dark place (Put into refregerator after opened)
Sterilizing method Sterilized by heat and pressure after sealed into airtight case.
Distributed by Kani Douraku Co., Ltd
Osaka City, Chuo Ku, Nishi-Shinsaibashi 2-9-16
Manufactured by Tomoda Selling & Sailing Co., Ltd
Tottori prefecture, Sakaiminato City, Takenouchi Danchi 80 Banchi

Nutrition Information
(Every 55g)

Calorie 75kcal
Protein 5.9ℊ
Fat 4.5ℊ
Cabohydrate 2.6ℊ
Salt equivalent 0.8ℊ

(estimated value)