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New release AIRQUESTGreen

A long-awaited new product in the AIR QUEST series!!
New Model
<<<AIR QUEST Green>>>
Enjoy a deep breath of air as pure as a forest breeze

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Simply stick the filter in place

to turn the air current from your AC into a gentle forest wind…

Purify the air at your home using the power of  Todomatsu conifer trees
in Hokkaido

"DAIAN × ClearForest" - co-developed with S.T. Corporation!!!


An external AC filter that reproduced the purification system of a forest!

AIR QUEST Green is an AC filter with deodorizing and air purifying properties that utilizes the natural material based "ClearForest" developed by S.T. Corporation

Have you ever wondered why forest air feels so clean?

clean air in the forest is no hallucinaition Data shows that concentration of air pollutiont is clearly lower in the forest than it is urban areas

Forest air is always kept  clean.

We have reproduced  the same air purification mechanism with our new attachable AC filter. 

It is designed to catch most impurities from air without putting any extra burden on the AC

1.Removes offencive odor and impurities from air

2.Protects against house dust, pollen, and viruses

3.Keeps the AC easier to clean

4.Reduces AC load and helps to save electricity 

5.Removes environmental pollutants

The forest air purification system is now available as an AC filter!

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is one of the most common environmental pollutants. 

And you might be breathing it in all the time…

We got a great idea of how to improve air quality from the forest!

Todomatsu conifer trees that grow in the forests of Hokkaido have the natural power to remove NO2 contained in exhaust gas and PM 2.5.
The natural forest air purification system removes all NO2 and odor from your home.The air from your AC becomes like a gentle pure forest breeze. 

NO2 Removal Test

Gray line: Not using Todomatsu
Blue line: Using Todomatsu

We used non-woven filter fabric kneaded with fine Todomatsu powder.

It was confirmed that N02 that causes environmental pollution was rendered harmless in 3 hours

Ammonia odor removal test

Gray line: Not using Todomatsu

Orange line: Using Todomatsu

We used non-woven filter fabric kneaded with fine Todomatsu powder.

It was confirmed that ammonia that causes offensive smell was removed 7 times faster.

Formaldehyde removal test

Gray line: Not using Todomatsu

Purple line: Using Todomatsu

We used non-woven filter fabric kneaded with fine Todomatsu powder. It was confirmed that formaldehyde that is an irritant found in adhesive and paint used around the house was reduced by 90% in 3 hours.

For the benefit of both the forest and people

AIR QUEST Green is made of materials extracted from leftover branches and leaves that remained unused before. 

By noticing this new value in something unused previously, the local employment and economy also benefit.

And that cycle leads to forest growth again.

Try using it and be ready to be surprised by how well it removes pollution.

Just check the pattern on the filter to know when to change it

It only takes a moment to stick it to your AC, so it is super easy to replace!

For all AC sizes!

You can use the filter without having to worry about the
appearance as 
it can be attached to the inside or outside of AC inlet.

 ↓For Commercial-use air conditioners:57×57cm

↓For Home-use air conditioners : 38×80cm
The filter can be cut to fit your AC size.

Other products in the AIR QUEST series


The first product in the world that uses a special catalyst suppressing mold growth which occurs inside the AC by 99%.

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Clean Filter Ⅲ】 

The filter is difficult to clog, securing proper ventilation while catching invisible dirt floating in the air.
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【Product feature overview】

Product Name



Clean Filter Ⅲ


●Renders nitrogen dioxide harmless

●Deodorizes ammonia

●90% removal of formaldehyde

●99% protection against mold

●Deodorizes ammonia by 99%

●Removes over 99% of Staphylococcus aureus

●Collects dust

●Removes air pollution

●Saves electricity


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