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atelier haruka

atelier haruka
atelier haruka
Beauty Parlor

atelier haruka is the one store in Shinjuku where both ladies and gentlemen can make themselves stylish.
If you want to remain cool even when traveling, we can accommodate your needs. Our friendly staff will assist you quickly and professionally.
So, even when you are in Japan, we hope you can stay cute or handsome, and bring back great memories in your photographs.
Won't you like to head out with a cute hairstyle?
Won't you like to get your tired shoes polished?
We also offer head spas to quickly unwind your fatigue.
We sincerely look forward to seeing you.

Shop Info

Shop Name atelier haruka
Shop Category Beauty Parlor
Shop Location on Floor KEIO MALL ANNEX-3
Business hours [Mon.~Thu.] 11:00am~8:00pm
[Fri.] 11:00am~9:00pm
[Sat.,Sun.,Holidays] 11:00am~8:00pm


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Shop Info(Beauty)

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