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Details: 1,138 dairy cattle, 278 beef cattle, 495 pigs, 844 egg-laying hens

Major processed items: Milk, dairy products, various processed items

Characteristics: A dairy farming area with a rich history. The compost is also returned to the soil for rice and fruit cultivation.

The compost produced by the livestock is also used to build the soil used to grow rice and fruit.

The Takahata-machi dairy farming area is home to around 40 dairy farms. We began introducing dairy cattle many years ago, in the Meiji era, and since then farmers in the area have taken the lead in the Japanese dairy farming industry, seeking to improve the quality of the milk and establishing Japan’s first powdered milk manufacturing company.

We have developed a form of cyclical farming, in which cows are fed on self-supplied feed, such as pasture grass, corn, and rice plants, grown on the land to which the compost is returned.

A dairy farming area with over 100 years of history

Although only a small quantity is produced, Takahata is the production center for “Yonezawa beef,” one of the most famous beef brands in Japan, and our expert farmers specializing in cattle breeding and fattening are devoted to the task of raising excellent cattle. We also farm pigs and chickens.

The compost produced by the livestock is also used in the soil used to grow rice and fruit.

Calves being auctioned at the cattle market

“I want people to discover the goodness of Japanese dairy produce”
Takumi Hasumi, dairy farmer

List of Key Agricultural Products from Takahata-machi, Yamagata Prefecture


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