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- Savor the food culture passed on from  ten thousand years ago  -



Leader of organic farming in Japan - Takahata in Yamagata Prefecture. Here people have been living with the nature for ten thousand years. Together, we invest our efforts to produce safe crops. In this town, we take pride of our crops. Other than organic farming, you can also find developed regional food processing industry - well-known throughout the country for their excellent agricultural products quality. And among those excellent products, "Takahata Brand" shines through. As a reward for the hardworking you, as a souvenir for your precious friends, Takahata Brand is the choice. So, which one will you pick?

Takahata Brand lineup

 Benten Ginjo Pure Rice Sake Dewa Sansan

 Tsuyahime Rice from Takahata

 Party Dessert The Dragon's Tears

 Takahata Sauce

 Takahata Sausage

 Yonezawa Corned Beef

 Pork Jerky

 Takahata Gourmet Station Bento


 Yoshi Sparkling Cardonnay

 La France Sweet Pickle

 Yamagata no Dashi

 Ginjo Sake "Kinran" Four seasons of Takahata

 Uyo Kinran Ginjo Namachozo Sake

 Oshidori Milk Cake White 200

 Oshidori Milk Cake Crispy Milk Chips

 Yonetsuru Pure Rice Sake Mahorobo

 Gotouya Farm Basil Genovese Sauce


 Juku La France Series Pear Drinks

 Juku La France Series Pear Vinegar Drinks

 Juku La France Series Jam

 Autumn Pione Yamagata Grape Jam

 Yukikaburi Fuji Apple Winter Jam

 Basil Freshly Picked from our Farm

 Takahata Radish Oil-free Dressing

The birthplace of Takahata Brand

Takahata's Agricultural Products