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NPO Media Access Support Center Organization Overview

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The beginning of MASC was a word from a deaf person.

"If I don't have subtitles, I can't watch this movie until I die"

“I am a mother of hearing, and I am always sad because I cannot enjoy movies with a deaf child.”

`` Japanese movies are sad because they have no subtitles, so I can only watch Western movies '' etc.

“Everything about the movie ’s excitement”

The activities started with many people involved.

The purpose of the Media Access Support Center is to create a society where all people can access movies and video works without any inconvenience.

Dan body name a specific non-profit organization Media Access Support Center (2 Agency for Cultural Affairs certification bodies of Article 37 Copyright Act)

Date of establishment   June 25, 2009

Secretariat   Hatsudai Center Building 709, 1-51-1 Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0061

Contact TEL 03-6300-7762 FAX 03-4243-2608

Home Http://Npo-masc.Org /

Purpose of establishment

Video content, such as movies and animations, will enrich people's daily lives, but those who have a handicap of "I can't hear" or "I can't see" cannot enjoy such services. MASC is an organization that creates barrier-free subtitles and audio guides for those people, stocks them publicly, and works to create a system and environment where anyone can watch video content anytime.

Activity content

  1. Production, establishment and operation of captions for the hearing impaired and voice guide data for the visually impaired
  2. Training Japanese subtitles and audio guide producers
  3. Research and development of information security for video content
  4. Promoting, distributing and providing Japanese subtitles and audio guides