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It is a traditional sweets shop in Kyoto. It is handmade by craftsmen's technique, one by one. You can buy even one item. You can to go. It can also be a souvenir.

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It is a baked sweets rich in flavor baked with homemade bean paste and whole grain sweetly boiled chestnut wrapped in saucly pie. The taste of pie tastes well with moistened bean paste and chestnut.
In addition, "Kaen" scissors with homemade bean paste with a texture of fresh texture using a lot of eggs and milk, pushed the brand of the world heritage "Kinkakuji" to finish.
And, it is a tasty "cherry blossoms" which seasoned a little with "cherry salted" and "cherry liqueur" using cherry blossom petals blooming in the cherry blossom view "Kisarazu Shrine" in Kyoto.
"Ubu mochi" is an original taste with plenty of flavored high-grade "Kinako" flavored domestic soybeans plentifully mixed with home-grown and domestic roasted red beans of soft rice cake. · Kyo brand certified food