Lilysche Herb

OTC medicine for constipation

HERB laxative
Gentle but Firm Effect



    This product is suitable for
    Who suffers from persistent and stubborn constipation symptoms at a severe level.
    Who is not satisfied with other plant-derived or herbal laxatives due to insufficient efficacy
    Who feels reluctant to take Western synthetic laxatives in consideration of unhealty stress to your body

    Product Features

    This product was developed for persistent and stubborn constipation patients at a severe level, aiming at giving even such patients a firm effect of bowel movements, using body-gentle and non-synthetic medicines only.
    Our thorough and long-term research finally brought us to 3 Herbs Combination as the most effective recipe, and we made them to one tablet at the regulatory maximum dose for each, and add LICORICE in order to control and regulate too steep bowel movements.
    ONCE A DAY type medicine, and very small tablets for easier administration for everyone.


    Relief of constipation and symptoms caused by constipation, such as abdominal distension, skin roughness, skin eruption, abnormal intestinal fermentation, anorexia (decreased appetite), heaviness of head, flushing, hemorrhoids.


    15 years or older 2-6 tabs per dose
    From 11 to 14 years old 1-4 tabs per dose
    From 7 to 10 years old 1-3 tabs per dose

    Take ONCE A DAY before sleeping (or in fasting condition).
    Start with the minimum dose and gradually increase or decrease according to the condition of the bowel movement.

    Advice how to take

    Take this medicine before sleeping when EMPTY STOMACH. (Otherwise this medicine doesn't work properly.)
    You will feel your bowel movements between 7 and 10 HOURS AFTER the administration. (It depends on the individual's body condition.)
    When you take this product for the first time, start from 2 pills for one time and adjust the dose up to 6 pills depending on your bowel conditions. (The dose is for 15 years and older.)
    In most case, you will feel the efficacy after the first administration, but if you don't feel comfortable yet, keep taking the appropriate dose following the directions for at least 3 days (once a day max).
    When you feel comfortable for your bowel movements, you don't need to keep taking this medicine.

    Ingredients and Content

    Daily dose (6 tabs) contains the following ingredients

    Sennoside 67mg (contains 24mg of Sennoside A and B.)
    Powdered Pharbitis Seed 77mg
    Powdered Glycyrrhiza 150mg
    Rose Fruit Extract 43mg (Extract from Rose Fruit 344mg)

    Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Carmellose Sodium, Croscarmellose Sodium, Light Anhydrous Silicic Acid and Magnesium Stearate are contained as additives.


    Glass bottle:
    40 tabs, 100 tabs, 180 tabs


    This medicine should not be used in women who are lactating. Stop lactating when taking this medicine.
    Consult with a doctor or a pharmacist before taking this medicine if any of the following applies:
    Receiving treatment from a doctor
    Pregnant or may be pregnant
    Medical history of allergic symptoms induced by medicines, etc. in the past.
    Person with the following symptoms: Acute abdominal pain, queasiness, vomiting
    Read the package insert carefully when taking the medicine.
    Store it in a cool and dry place with no direct sunlight.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    Do not transfer to another container. (It could result in misuse or quality change)
    Do not take this product after the expiration date.

    Distributed by
    SuiShoDo Pharmaceutical Corporation,
    2-12-33, Akahori, Yokkaichi City, Mie 510-0826, Japan

    Manufactured by
    SciAya Pharma Corporation, 1332-1 Tamura-cho, Nagahama-city, Shiga 526-0829, Japan
    (Both of SuiShoDo Pharmaceutical Corporation and SciAya Pharma Corporation belong to Pias Group located at Osaka, Japan.)