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Murayama Area

Yamadera Risshaku Temple

Murayama Area,Yamagata City
30minutes by car

A sacred place famous in Tohoku that was opened by the Buddhist priest Ennin in 860.There is a famous verse from Matsuo Basho in his “Narrow Road to the North” when he visited this area:how silent!the cicada’s voice soaks into the rocks.

Zao Hot Springs,Ski Resort,Ice Monsters

Murayama Area,Yamagata City
50minutes by car

Zao Hot Springs,which was opened in 1900,is counted as one of the three hot springs of Ou.It is also famous for its milky white waters,knows as hot springs for beautiful skin.The Ice Monsters,a rare natural phenomenon given through special climatic conditions in which trees are covered in snow and create a particular shape,draw many tourists from both within and outside the country.