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Shounai Area

Dewa Sanzan Mountains


Shounai Area,Tsuruoka City
105minutes by car

Shounai Area,Shounai town
(to Ubasawa,Nishikawa-town)
90minutes by car

(from Ubasawa to the peak)

③Shounai Area,Tsuruoka City
Shounai Area,Tsuruoka City
80minutes by car

A counterpart to the “West Ise Pilgrimage”from old times,visiting the Dewa Sanzan shrines is something to do once in your lifetime.This is a pilgrimage that symbolizes rebirth,where one enters first through Haguro-san,which symbolizes the present life,undergo training at Gassan that symbolizes death and rebirth,and is reborn at Yudonosan.The Japanese cedar-lined Omotesando path of Mt.Haguro was included in the Michelin Green Guide,earning 3 stars.



Kamo Aquarium(Jellyfish Dream Hall)

Shounai Area,Tsuruoka City
100 minutes by car

Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the aquarium with the largest exhibit of jellyfish.Refurnished in 2014,in addition to the massively scaled “Jellyfish Dream Theater,” the Jellyfish Ramen and Jellyfish Icecream are very popular.