Experience our "Casual Lunch," western food in a kominka old house

Utilizing a kominka old house

Our manager, with a knack for Osaka-born cuisine

Present and Past cross in this kominka old house, as a café, and for lunch

How about sitting for a while and enjoying a hot cup of coffee?

Please spend a delicious time with us, here at our kominka, or old house, which was built during the Taisho Period (1912-1926).

We can boast of our "omu-rice" and "hamburg." Our "Casual Lunch" is for 600 yen with either hamburg, pork-steak, or chicken-steak as a main dish.

Its bonus is an after-lunch soft drink with a 200 yen discount.

Within the store, we have counter seating and tables and seats available too. We recommend the tatami-matted back area, a favorite among those accompanying small children, and groups.

- Shop information -

Address 1949 Uchiko, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime, Japan
TEL 0893-44-5766
Opening hours 9:45-19:00
(Last order 18:00)
to your budget Casual Lunch 600 yen. Cake from 350 yen. All kinds of western food and sweets.
Closed First and third Tuesday of every month (open on holidays)
Parking 3 car capacity

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