Ishidatami Waterwheel Festival

We also sell locally grown vegetables

Reconstructed picturesque watermill

There are many events like Taiko drum performances to stir up the festival mood.

When visiting the reconstructed watermills, you can also enjoy the fine local food.

You can see children playing in the creek flowing by the watermill.

Once the Fumoto River was dotted with many watermills, but in recent years their numbers decreased. Three watermill have been reconstructed by local people in order to regain the nostalgic appearance of the landscape. Now this area is being used as a place of recreation and relaxation for many people. In November there is a festival with the watermills as event site, where things like Oden with vegetables harvested in the area and Soba noodles are sold. So you can enjoy local gourmet dishes, while relaxing in a beautiful, nostalgic environment. You can also try freshly caught and grilled Biwa trout from the Fumoto River.

- Events information -

Ishidatami Waterwheel Festival
Date 3 Nov.: Rain or shine
Entry fee Free
Access 25 min by car from JR Uchiko Station
25 min by car from Uchiko & Ikazaki IC.
Place Ishidatami, Uchiko-cho Ishidatami-Seiryu-en Park
Contact Uchiko town office, general affairs team, townscape regional development team
TEL 0893-44-2118
Parking Parking Available(Free)

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