Moon watching in Yōkaichi

This scenery of endless rows of paper lanterns takes you back in time.

Beautiful harvest moon as seen from the town

At this moon watching event Tsukimidango dumplings, handmade by women of the Preservation Society, are eaten.

Carried away by light fantasies in a beautiful moonlit night.

It is fun to stroll the streets while listening to the sound of a Koto harp

Event held in the long nights of the mid-autumn harvest moon. The streets of Yōkaichi-Gokoku are wrapped in a fantastic atmosphere, lit by handmade paper lanterns, which residents hang from the edge of the eaves of every house. The historic townhouses emerging in the light of the lanterns is like watching a movie scene. In addition to the illumination of the garden of the Honhaga family residence, an Important Cultural Property, there are Koto harp performances in some townhouses open to the public. You can also enjoy concerts in the Kamihaga Residenz and eat Tsukimidango moon dumplings, handmade by women of the Preservation Society.

- Events information -

Moon watching in Yōkaichi
Date Event held for 2 days from the mid-autumn harvest moon night to the following evening.

Rain or shine
Entry fee Free
Access 30 min walking from JR Uchiko Station
5 min by car from Uchiko & Ikazaki IC.
(Machinami Parking)
Place Uchiko, Uchiko-cho
Yōkaichi & Gokoku Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings
Contact Yōkaichi & Gokoku Historic District Preservation Centre
TEL 0893-44-5212

Kamihaga Residence
TEL 0893-44-2771
Parking Parking Available / Machinami Parking: On that day open from 17:00 - free of charge

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