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Ikazaki Kite Battle festival

Air battles with a 400-year old history
Ikazaki Kite Battle festival

Date May 5 every year
Place Toyoaki-gawara

Fantastic! 500 huge kites soar high up into the sky

Battle Kite
Beautiful day with hundreds of kites flying in the sky

Wow! The kite goes up and up … !

The Ikazaki Kite Battle festival has a history of over 400 years, it is the biggest traditional event of Uchiko. On both sides of the Oda River, spectators rejoice watching over 500 huge kites soaring into the sky! Using kites equipped with razorsharp blades called "Gagari" to cut the opponents string, a heroic battle unfolds. The event, that takes place on May 5 every year, has been designated as Intangible Folk Cultural Asset of Ehime Prefecture.

Ikazaki Kite Battle festival characteristics

This part cuts the string

Equipped with special blades called "Gagari", the opponents try to cut each other's strings.
The kite which got its string cut first, has lost.

The 6 rules of the Battle

  • Rule 1 | The battle groups are divided into the Ikazaki side and the Tenjin side, the competition is fought across the river.
  • Rule 2 | Only 1 "Gagari" may be used per kite. The "Gagari" blade and the "Kite String" are both provided by the Kite Battle headquarters and others may not be used.
  • Rule 3 | When the kite got entangled and fell to the ground during the battle, it is not allowed to grab the string of the opposite party's kite or to approach and pull your own string within 5m from the point where the strings of its corners meet.
  • Rule 4 | When fighting, the registration number must be attached to the kites tail and kites that have been cut off must be returned to the other party.
  • Rule 5 | A judge will evaluate the skill level of the contestant by watching the kites flying and fighting high up in the sky. A skill level (good, excellent) is recognized it will be recorded and based on the total number of skill points a prize is awarded.
  • Rule 6 | If good skill is recognized the winner gets 2, the loser 1 point.
    If excellent skill is recognized the winner gets 4, the loser 2 points.

Raising "Success Kites" in wish for the healthy growth of children.

This tradition originated by people writing the name of their newborn child as well as good wishes on big kites and raised them hoping for their healthy development. Even now the tradition is continued as the "Baby's First Festival" on the day of the big Ikazaki Kite Battle at the Oda River Toyoaki bank, where many "Success Kites" with the children's names are raised.

Many "Success Kites" are raised to celebrate new children

Success Kites

Over 400 kites on display Ikazaki Kite Museum

With Kites you can play and fight, and they have a long tradition.

The Kite Museum shows more than 400 kites, not only from Japan, but also from all over the world. The exhibition space is designed in a way, that you see even the huge kites from up close. The "Gagari" blades used for fighting are also explained, so you can become an expert in kite fighting. You can also book a "Make a kite" session, to learn how to make one yourself (fee required).

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- Events information -

Ikazaki Kite Battle festival
Date May 5 every year(will be postponed in case of rainy weather)
Place Toyoaki-gawara, Ikazaki, Uchiko-cho
Entry fee Anybody can fly a kite (fee required)
Parking Parking Available (about 1,200 car capacity: Free)
Access 5 min by car from JR Uchiko Station
5 min by car from Uchiko-Ikazaki Interchange
Contact Uchiko Town office, Town and regional reconstruction Division
TEL 0893-44-2118

Uchiko town official website